Wiping down surface. Photo by Hedgehog Digital on Unsplash.

The ‘Total Wipe Down’: A Proven Cleaning Company Strategy

March 08, 2021

This 'Total Wipe Down' strategy will help any cleaning company with the fundamentals in cleaning.

Homeowners everywhere have been using this simple process for several generations. It is simple and helps you get your home clean in just three easy steps. If you run a cleaning company, you can benefit from this method, too! Your home might be big, or it might be small, either way, this method is sure to keep it simple. With just three parts, you are sure to clean all your surfaces. Starting with items that are high, like shelves, then moving down to counters and eventually to the floors, this top-down method is easy to follow, as both a cleaning team member and a homeowner, you will understand the process and be able to track what’s been cleaned and what would need to be cleaned.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Lao Tzu

Wiping down surface. Photo by Hedgehog Digital on Unsplash.

1. Wipe

Noted in my previous article, you can start here. Dust and wipe down all the surfaces in your home that sit higher than your hips. Look to the shelves in your closets and pantries, and even tall dressers. Dust items, like picture frames, to ensure everything up high is wiped down. You can wipe using a wood cleaner, or Windex, depending on your surface. Bleach and multi-surface spray work great to clean all of your harder tile-like surfaces. If there are any ceiling fans in a room, make sure to dust those first.

Complete surface dusting on higher, and harder-to-reach surfaces, and then you can move to counters, nightstands, coffee tables, and exercise equipment. Just make sure you are using the correct cleaner for each surface, as this three-step method can include a lot of various solutions. Be sure to research which solutions work best for each surface. This way, you can avoid causing unnecessary damages.

2. Sweep & Pick Up The Floors

Your cleaning company can sweep all the hard surfaces in your home, and pick up any clutter you may find. Use a good broom, and when you’ve swept up all the dust and floor matter into a pile, you can use a smaller broom to sweep all the dust into a dustpan. Toss it away, and use a multi-surface floor cleaner to wipe up the dust that might have been leftover from earlier. This may seem like an extra step, but if you do it, mopping your floors will be a bit easier – especially if there is a large amount of space that needs to be cleaned.

By sweeping and picking up your floors, you can prepare for the next step in this three-part simplified cleaning method from top to bottom. Well-swept floors are easier to clean, try it out for a clean that you know you and your customers will be proud of. If you have trouble keeping track of your daily tasks, our Cleaning Company Checklists can help you! Create your own, or use premade lists to help your cleaning team excel. Now, let’s move onto the next step, which is to mop and vacuum.

Vacuuming carpet. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

3. Mop & Vacuum

After you sweep your hard surface floors, you can also use a vacuum to suck up any dust that still might be lingering. This is especially important in entryways, as dust, rocks, and dirt seem to like to accumulate in entrances. If there are any rugs you keep on hard surface floors, make sure that, in step two, you have swept underneath. Go ahead and vacuum the rugs.

Next, you can move onto the carpets themselves. Make sure to go slow and over each surface of the carpeted area twice. Some cleaning companies like to vacuum from the end of the room to the entrance, so as not to leave any footprints. This leaves the room looking like something from the magazines – no flaws, just clean. Considering the small details is what helps cleaning companies stand out.

When everything has been swept and vacuumed, you can then mop all the hard surface floors. Make sure to use a cleaning solution that matches the surface you are cleaning. Whether it’s wood, laminate, or tile, make sure you’re using the right solution – and mix it with hot water as it will dry faster than if used with cold water. It’s important that your cleaning company is equipped with the right cleaning products for the right tasks.

This process simplifies your routine in an easy-to-follow format. Simply wipe, sweep, vacuum and mop!

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